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Aromatics Division

Welcome to Arwuda Aromatics

Arwuda Aromatics is part of the Arwuda Group ecosystem which is engaged in the production of perfumes (Eau de Parfum) specifically in two categories. First, is the perfume brand built by the Arwuda Aromatics team itself for the retail market. Second, is perfume made for corporations or communities.

In building its own perfume brand or preparing perfumes for corporations and communities, Arwuda Aromatics collaborates with national and international companies.

Arwuda Aromatics ensures the best quality of perfume with bottle design, packaging and fragrance formulas that are in accordance with the client's wishes.

The stages in producing perfume involve several important steps that include drafting a concept, developing a formula, designing the packaging, and marketing strategy. Here are the detailed steps:

How a Concept is made

Concept Development


Market Research

We will help identify trends, consumer preferences and gaps in the perfume market.


Identify the Target Market

We will also discuss the demographics and psychology of the intended audience.


Concept and Theme

We will prepare concepts and themes that will reflect the character and identity of the perfume, such as elegant, fresh, or exotic.

Melody of Aromas

Creating a Formula


Top Notes

Together we help to select the ingredients that will give the first impression on the perfume. Top notes usually consist of light, fresh scents such as citrus, herbal, or floral.


Middle Notes

Developing a choice of middle notes that are the core of the perfume scent. Middle notes are usually more complex and long-lasting than top notes, such as flowers, spices, or fruit.


Base Notes

Choosing base notes is also important to provide the foundation and durability of the perfume's scent. Base notes usually consist of heavy, warm scents such as wood, musk, or vanilla.

We also did a lot of trial and adjustment to find the right balance between top, middle, and base notes.

Eyecatching design

Designing the Bottle


Concept Design

The perfume bottle will reflect the concept and theme of the perfume.


Expressive Aesthetics

The shape, color, and materials combine to communicate the intended brand image.


Function and Ergonomics

The bottle design is designed to be easy to use and comfortable to hold.

Creating Packaging


Designing the Outer Packaging

The design of the outer packaging is made attractive and reflects the brand and theme of the perfume.


Materials and Quality

Selection of high-quality materials to ensure product protection.


Details and Information

Prepare important information such as the perfume name, composition, and perfume brand logo.

Marketing Strategy


Social Media

Interesting Content

Create engaging visual content and videos about perfumes.

Influencer Collaboration

Work with relevant influencers to promote perfumes.

Contests and Giveaways

Hold contests or giveaways to increase engagement.


Other Online Media

Setting up your website and e-commerce account

Create attractive product pages on websites and e-commerce platforms.


Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to increase website traffic.

Review and Testimonials

Collect and publish positive reviews from consumers.

Launching Event


Event Theme

Organizing a launching event with a theme that suits the perfume.


Location and Decoration

Determine the right location and attractive decor.


VIP Invitations

Inviting important figures, influencers, and media to increase exposure.


Demo and Sampling

Prepare product demos and samples for guests.


Media Coverage

Holding events gets media coverage to expand the reach of publications.