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Welcome to Arwuda Academy

Arwuda Academy, part of PT Arwuda Indonesia which has been operating since 2012 in Jakarta, focuses on perfumes, especially Eau de Parfumes.

It focuses on three main pillars, cooperation with national and international fragrance companies, collaboration with perfumers and workshop instructors, and cooperation with travel service companies and tour guides. Let's learn the art and science of the perfume industry with us.

National and Intenational Perfumary Cooperation

About Us

Currently, Arwuda Academy focuses on the field of perfumery, collaborating with various parties both domestically and internationally focusing on three main offerings.


National and International Cooperation

Through cooperation with national and international companies in the field of fragrance.


Cooperation with Instructors

Collaborate with workshop instructors and perfume and fragrance.


Tours and Tour Guides

Collaborate with travel service companies and tour guides.

Let's learn together about the art and science of the perfume industry that continues to grow around the world.

Learning from the bet

Getting to Know Fragrace Houses

Fragrance Houses are companies that specialize in creating and formulating fragrances for a variety of products, ranging from perfumes, personal care items, candles, and household goods.

Fragrance Houses work with natural and synthetic ingredients to develop unique scents used by brands around the world. They not only produce perfume formulas, but are also often involved in research and development, market trends, and technological innovations in the fragrance industry.

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Learn Perfumery

Following Perfume Workshops

The Perfumery Workshop at Arwuda Academy is a place to learn about the art of perfumes and scent creation.

Currently, the focus of Arwuda Academy is in the field of perfumes, specifically Eau de Parfum. Collaborating with various parties at home and abroad. The three main pillars of Arwuda Academy in providing information, knowledge and experience are:


History of Perfumes

Discover the origins of perfume and its evolution from ancient times to modern times.


Ingredients of Aroma

Learn about the different types of perfume bases, including essential oils, synthetic scents.


Aromatic Interactions

Learn about the different types of perfume bases, including essential oils, synthetic scents.


Mixing Techniques

Gain practical skills in mixing scents and creating your own perfumes.


Latest Perfume Trends

Find out about the latest trends in the perfume industry and how you can apply them in your own creations.


Packaging and Branding

Learn the important aspects of packaging and branding that make your perfume stand out in the market.

Arwuda Academy collaborates with experienced instructors including founders from well-known companies in the field of perfumery education such as Ritual Essentials, Klei Studio, and Noin Scentartisan.

We invite individuals and corporations to participate in workshop programs for recreation or to start a business.

Exclusive Tour Packages

Visiting the Perfume's Country of Origin

Participants will learn about perfumes through exclusive trips to world-famous perfume centers. This tour package is specially designed for perfume lovers who want to delve into the art and science behind the world's best fragrances.

From this trip, participants will have the opportunity to visit countries that are famous for their long history and traditions in the perfume industry, while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Arwuda Academy invites participants to learn about perfumes from various countries in the world.