Welcome to The House of Arwuda

The House of Arwuda is a Creative House based in Jakarta, Indonesia, envisioning various exciting projects with artistic ideas at the heart of its development process.


Profile of Our Company

Arwuda 3 Main Business Divisions


Arwuda Aromatics, a division of The House of Arwuda, is dedicated to crafting unique and unforgettable fragrances of luxury perfumes. By collaborating with the finest international and local partners, Arwuda Aromatics weaves captivating stories behind each bottle, elevating the art of perfumery to new heights.


Arwuda Academy is dedicated to imparting knowledge and empowering individuals, brands, and corporations in the art of perfumery. Through our unique services, we aspire to inspire, enable, and expand entire perfumery ecosystems, thereby positively influencing both the local and national economies.


Arwuda Alliance, a division of The House of Arwuda, specializes in strategic collaborations for perfume developments with public figures, celebrities, and communities. We strive in working intimately with our partners to craft fragrances that embody their unique public personas and the distinct character of various closely-knit communities.