The whole process of work at Arwuda is straight forward. The process starts from a brief from the client which will then be discussed with startegic planners and social media strategists. Then the client service team will present to the client the proposed ideas and execution plans. After a series of discussions and finetuning of the agreed scope-of-work, then the Arwuda team will begin the process, continually updating the clients of its progress.

Over time, all the outputs will be measured, analyzed and presented to the clients for review. Problems will be identified and resolved, processes are refined and continued to follow the agreed strategy. Once the project is completed, there will be a thorough evaluation of the projects and records will be compiled and reported to the clients.

Arwuda believes in a close working relationship with clients to achieve the best possible results. Especially in social media whereby a lot of issues need to be identified, anticipated, act upon and evaluated intensely and frequently.

Some of the projects at Arwuda would require a few weeks to complete, such as social media trainings, and some will take years, such as the social media management. Whatever the undertaking, the Arwuda team believes the equal importance of process as well as the end result.